A Dedicated Vocal Coach

Bernadette Singing.jpg

I have always loved singing and dancing, ever since I was a little girl - & I just knew they were my passion - and they still very much are!

At the age of 5, I entered a professional academy for performing arts were I learnt to tone my skills in vocal technique, singing & stage performance. We had a lot of fun and most of all got to do what I loved most - Sing!

Within this academy, we did a lot of show groups, and with the help of my growing confidence within music, my passion skyrocketed, and I took it with me everywhere I went - in my school, at my local church choir, around my neighbourhood - pretty much - anywhere people could hear me!

Music and singing became my peaceful place - where I could go to let it all out - and being able to share music with family and friends each week was just an added bonus!

At the age of 12 I had recorded my first single called “I Need an Angel”. With my skills constantly being fed, I began to perform more, and later performed Mama Mia the song at the end of year concert where I was taking further lessons.

As of now, I am also learning piano

- and it has been such a beautiful part of my musical journey. It has given me even more inspiration to write however I feel in that moment - and I should add as well, writing is also one of my biggest hobbies - and i try to do so as much as possible when i'm near the water gathering my thoughts.

As some may say, I too have been through quite a bit in life just like we all have - my particular issue was with health - and the key to my health was music - and singing is what brought me to where I am today.

Having 17 years of professional experience in my journey, it's time now where I would love to share my gift as a teacher and use music as a pathway to help children and young people find their own personal voice in this world. So for now, this is me Bernadette, I hope you enjoyed getting to know me, and I am so excited to get to know you too!